Our ability to develop a breakthrough energy storage technology depends most strongly on the quality of our team. For this reason, building an extraordinary team is our highest priority. Alveo is building a team of world-class scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to solve challenging problems in the fields of chemistry, manufacturing, product development, and commercialization. Together, we will build the batteries that enable the next generation of industrial and grid storage systems. If the opportunity to do this interests you, please submit your CV to jobs@alveoenergy.com

Open Positions:

Director of Manufacturing: Alveo is seeking a Director of Manufacturing who will lead the scale up and process development for active materials, electrodes, cells, and packs. This position demands prior experience successfully implementing the tools, systems, and process controls needed to successfully execute the manufacturing process R&D and scale up needed to bring a new chemistry-heavy hardware product to market. Deep, broad expertise in slurry/ink preparation, coating, and drying at bench, pilot, and large scale is required. The occupant of this position will manage a team of manufacturing engineers, supervisors, and technicians. In addition, he or she will be responsible for building relationships and executing projects with partners including equipment vendors, cell component suppliers, and materials, electrodes, and cell manufacturing partners. This person should hold an advanced degree in an engineering field and have strong prior experience in materials production, film coating, and device fabrication for lithium-ion pouch cells or a similar technology. Download the full position description here.

Senior Process Engineer: Alveo seeks a Senior Process Engineer to develop pilot electrode production and cell assembly processes including tape casting, calendering, stacking, welding, and vacuum sealing. The person in this position will join Alveo's scale up team and play a central role in the launch of Alveo's first battery products. The occupant of this position will work in small groups to rapidly execute projects from start to finish: equipment sourcing/commissioning, execution of process development designs of experiments, control plan documentation, and process handoff to Alveo's production team. This position requires the ability to plan and execute minimal factorial DOEs (Taguchi, RSM, etc.) and perform the statistical analyses needed to make data-driven decisions. Candidates must have an advanced degree in chemical or mechanical engineering and at least 2-5 years industrial experience as a process engineer on scale up/process development projects. The person for this position thrives in a fast paced, chaotic start up environment and has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Download the full position description here.

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer: Alveo seeks a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer to design prototype battery pouch cells and the modules and packs containing them. The occupant of this position will work in a small team of product engineers to solve challenges in cell design including design optimization for electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical performance and manufacturability. He or she will also execute battery prototyping projects including building, testing, and troubleshooting prototype modules and packs. The person for this position is capable of executing complex engineering projects involving design, sourcing, prototyping, validation, and technology hand-off. That person is a passionate, creative, goal-oriented engineer who is comfortable developing new concepts and designs. This position requires extensive hands-on work. Download the full position description here.

Battery Engineering Associate: Alveo seeks one or more battery engineering associates to assist the preparation of battery electrodes, assembly of battery cells, and/or testing of cells. The occupant of this position will work in a small team of engineers on battery engineering and R&D projects. These projects may focus on the development of new battery electrodes, improvement of battery cell design, battery performance and abuse testing, and other engineering projects. Qualified applicants will have prior hands on lab experience, preferably in the field of batteries. The person for this position has a positive attitude and does what it takes to get the job done. Download the full position description here.

Battery R&D Technician: Alveo is seeking a Battery R&D Technician to prepare battery electrodes and other cell components, assemble battery cells, perform measurements on materials, electrodes, and cells, and record measurement test data. This is a hands on position involving lab work including working in a glove box. Qualified applicants have prior industrial experience as a R&D technician and/or hands on experience working in a chemistry or materials laboratory. The person for this position has a positive, team-first attitude, carefully follows instructions and SOPs, is meticulous and detail oriented, and is willing to learn and master new skills. Download the full position description here.

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