Alveo Energy is developing a radical new battery technology for stationary applications including renewables support, smart grids/microgrids, and UPS. Alveo's batteries survive tens of thousands of deep discharge cycles, can be fully charged or discharged in just a few minutes, and cost significantly less than incumbent lead acid batteries.

To achieve these advantages, Alveo has developed a new cell chemistry based on inexpensive Prussian blue analogue electrodes and a safe, nonflammable sodium-ion electrolyte. Alveo's electrodes charge and discharge by single-phase reactions within the stability window of the electrolyte. This eliminates the conversion reactions and electrolyte decomposition that limit the lifetime of lead acid and lithium-ion cells. These advances in cell chemistry have allowed Alveo to build the first battery technology in which chemistry does not limit device lifetime.

Alveo was founded by a group of Stanford scientists and entrepreneurs in 2012.

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